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Welcome to this guild. I figured that I might as well open one, if only to list the role-playing games that I do have.

This guild is still under construction and we're looking desperately for people to maintain it. We need a good CSS, day-by-day administration and all that stuff.

The big difference between this guild and BYOND RPG is that this guild is solely about games in which you actually role-play in, whereas BYOND RPG also lists Final Fantasy games.

My vision is that this guild will become at least as big as BYOND RPG, and will contain many resources that will help to create role-playing games on BYOND.

I hope it'll be worth the $20 I spent on purchasing the membership for.
You mean, like this guild?

You know, you probably could have asked to take over for them. <.<
Yeah, like that guild. But I wanted to start out fresh.

Anyone up to work with me on this?
I like the idea. I'd like to help out in any way.
You point out Final Fantasy like its a notable exception to the rule that you actually role-play in RPGs. You don't roleplay in most RPGs these days. I don't know why you'd point out Fanal Fantasy.

Whatever the case, have fun finding games where people actually role-play, and I hope you manage to scrounge up things to talk about. :)
Sounds like it could be a fun guild to participate in. Especially if you are planning on frequently hosting sessions.
The name is a tad long.

But good luck, hope it goes well.