In addition to my side-work on this nameless roguelike, I've also been tinkering away on Bizlof War-like game in Delphi in a nice 3D (non-tile-based!) environment that I hope to get online soon. I'm currently in the process of writing the particle engine and weapons system/editor, so it'll probably still be another month or so until the game is functional online. For those of you quasi-interested, here's a screenshot of the current testmap and shiny GUI it's sporting:

Certainly, those of you who played the original (and comparedly hideous Bizlof War might be interested in lending me a hand in beta testing/bug hunting when I get the game to an online stage, and a website is up. Even those with a vague interest are welcome as well. BYOND was the springpad I used to get into serious programming, and there's noplace else I'd rather draw contributers from! :)

On a harsher note, exams are next week. Lots of studying, not much coding. Hurrah. :/
This better work on 98, buddy. :-)

I'll be glad to beta test again.
It should be, unless Microsoft is so backwater they didn't include OpenGL 1.1 or Winsock2 with it. :)
Yep. The map editor is really fun to work with. We're finding new things we can do with it every time we work with it. I've done a open field map with some rocks, a road and two bases. Now I'm working on a city street map with street lights and everything. Stay tuned you'll want to play this game. :D
I was in a test run once, I'd love to do it again. =)
Look's hot hot hot! :)
wewt! it looks 1337
*sigh* You and all your fancy graphics...


Looks great. Let me know when I can help test anything :)
Glad to hear all of the positive feedback!

I'll be sure to let everyone know when the first testing phases are to come into play. Thanks for the interest. :)
Looks lovely, if you ever need a tester (and I have a working windows computer...) give me a shout (maz (at) ) I'm not sure if your on my new address!