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1st >:D

-byonds gangsta
*The real first comment*
This whore is a fail.
*End comment*
I see you deleted all your blog posts. I am partially offended.
Hey Yut Put, I just now got your message, mostly because I was pretty much close to giving up on the project lol. No one had responded so I thought it may have been a bad idea, but I'm glad someone took interest in it :)
Yeah, i've wanted to do a big sw project for a while
I have to, especially since there haven't really been any successful SW games here in a very long time. So do you still want to do this? I mean I know that response was almost like a week ago
Yeah, me and ExPixel are doing a game loosely based off of star wars. We've realistically approached the workload and it looks like a year of solid work assuming one person does absolutely everything. most of it is design, and the rest is mostly artwork, so at the moment we're knee-deep in design docs
I've got to say, that sounds pretty legitimate. Sounds way more intense than what I had set up, although I was doing it all myself so i may have subconsciously dumbed down the work load
Alright if you're in then download dropbox and page me your e-mail so you can join the team
Actually, I think Im going to pass. It's not that I dont want to work on it, because believe me I would love to, its just that the whole reason for me starting this project was for me to try and successfully finish something completely on my own. So thank you anyway and I probably won't do a SW game since you guys are, or I will atleast change it up so its not like another version of the same game.
I <3 you.

No homo
A star wars game would be epic.
Seems SOMEONE didn't get to try it. ;D
MasterMerv wrote:
Seems SOMEONE didn't get to try it. ;D

took me a while to get that one but now that i do get it im sad =(
nice page dude
bbbbbbbbbbbbb is a letter aswell!
It sucks that you are stopping your Kingdom Hearts project.. :(
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