This is the Character Creation screen for my game. I don't know which one looks better? Black or White? Also, how does the Character Creation look now? :D!? Flysbad-0002/AFA2%202012-07-23%20182115.png Flysbad-0002/AFA2%202012-07-23%20182117.png
The second(With black background) one looks better.
The first one i think
The background color behind the text is waaaaaay too bright on the first image. I'd darken it, because I can't even read from that one
Make a third with a dark Greyish-Blue color as the background. Not to dark. Make it a shade between the default black and a darkened grey.
The white hurts my eyes. I'd rule that one out entirely, and replace it with something like what D-Cire suggested; then let people vote.
I agree with D-cire due the fact that your first one hurts my eyes and the second doesn't fit with the contents. Greyish-blue is a perfect color.
2nd one.
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