BYOND Error: corrupt map data in world file
runtime error: Cannot execute null.().
runtime error: Cannot execute null.guest1271992661().
runtime error: Cannot execute null.Flysbad().

I get that whenever I reboot the game while the source is complying, I get it when I reboot the server in DreamDaemon (don't know how though) . Is there anyway to fix that?
I'm also getting...
runtime error: Cannot execute null.DblClick()
runtime error: Cannot execute null.Del()
Hi Flysbad,

How many objects do you have on the map/ having generated on the map? If you're going over the maximum amount of object, which is around 65000 (I think), then that is what is causing the "Corrupt map data" error, and could also be responsible for the strange run-time errors.

If you can, try using turfs whenever possible, as you can have much more of them (millions).

Good luck!
my map size is 500x, 500y, 5z. I don't have any objects generating on the map, but I do objects generating on the screen? Also, I always use turf lol. I don't really believe in Generating the tile, I like to do it old fashion and map the edges on.
try clean compile appears to be rsc problem
I've tried that also.
*bump* no idea
Yeah, I don't know what wrong with it either. and nobody has helped yet D: sad face.
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