The egg has hatched! Congratulations to everybody who helped this beauty come into the world!
I still say my idea was better.

lol look like my aunt befor she died of a O.D.
There once wwas a cute little egg, it hatched into a very ugly duckling and I had to put it down, the end.
,<...You idiots waited all that time. Just to get an ugly old lady >,< Ouch
<font size= 8>:'(</font size>
Aww, so sweet! You're just a big old softie, Sarm. Thanks for the excitement!
The fun isn't QUITE over yet. After a day or so, I'm going to upload all of the screenshots I took of people's journals to show them off as my newest image fiesta!
Looking at the hatchling, I get the impression that one of the color channels has been filtered out (probably Green, since there's a lot of Blue and the background seems to have a hint of Red). But there is no reason not to love a Green-impaired young 'un.
Maybe. I wouldn't know about that, so your guess is better than mine. All that I do know about the picture is that it's a mugshot of a prostitute. I saw it the day before I started the eggathon and had to use this. :)
Now the new trend is posting pictures of old screaming ladies. :(
AHAHAHA, your all idiots for lsitening to sarm! i knew! <_<
Evil bastard.
What's the big deal? It's so cute!!!
lol, egg on your face!

Sarm owned everyone.
Yeah, his all idiots for listening!@!11 Oh wait, I posted it in my blog, oh well. =P
Glad I didn't add that to mine. o_O
You need to update my entry here. i wasn't around durring the hatching (probably at work or something) and my post has since been modified. :P