words are boring. anyone who has seen epic's hub knows I love screenshots. eheheh....

the game was extremely well received in my tests, highly enjoyable, and I also got a lot of extremely useful constructive criticism that was used to make it even better.

3 days of development
Looks rather interesting.
It's completely playable too ;D once I have something I'd like to call 0.1 you can play it too!
Fine with me will you be doing live livestreams with this game as you did with Epic?
Maybe! I could definitely use the feedback and the development pace is just as fast as Epic's was
Makes me think of Minecraft.
It's a lot like minecraft lol

minecraft+terraria+under the garden+gnome fortress

It's got little elements of each(even though they're all pretty similar), but to be honest my real inspiration was from the blocks in camdev's gnomeheim and the potential that game(which was made in a month) had to not suck(it sucks REALLY BAD, unfortunately)
Looks terrible. Seriously terrible. None is gonna play a BYOND mine craft. Just my opinion. It's like creating a Call of Duty for BYOND.
Yut I have to say while it looks neat I can consider Avainer1's opinion...I mean, I'll probably play your game, but I can see how people would rather go for 3d in a 'create your own universe' kind of game.
haha avainer just hates me

It's actually a pretty fun game. The core aspects of the game-play revolve combine RPG progression with teamwork building
Don't listen to Avainer. I'll play ;)
In response to Yusuke13
Yusuke13 wrote:
Don't listen to Avainer. I'll play ;)

Dear lord.. watch out for the bunnies at night.
I just realised that you might have paged me the other day to come on this but I never see your pages so I didn't get to play :(
I'm the one who suggested everything.
If you guys put as much time into game development as you do in making fun of the kids and their copyrighted games, perhaps you'd be making a post similar to this one announcing your second project in 3 months.

Leave Yut Put alone. He's getting stuff done while you mindlessly attempt to downgrade his accomplishments. That is part of the problem in this community.
So somebody makes an original and polished looking game and people trash on him for what? a) Making a game that in your opinion is better served in 3d, even though that could be said of any byond project and b) scrutiny based on his prior projects? Who cares what his prior projects are! Nobody on this community is taking the time to build anything but everybody has the time to criticize unjustly. I think it looks really interesting, I'll play it.
Haha I appreciate the defensiveness from the minority here but I really don't mind the humor in the comments, I'm the kind of person who would end up adding super saiyan and pbags into this game for kicks and do it in a clever way that enhances the game-play
No one is making fun of Yut. I was serious when I said I wanted to see some pbags and logs in Yut's project. And for a game that was in development for 3 days now, I am disappoint to hear that Yut has not added this vital feature into his game when it takes roughly 5 seconds to implement. Yut is a cool dood, but he needs to get his priorities in order.
new screenshot

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