I tried really hard to get the game in a state that would be publicly playable, but it's not quite there yet.
I have gotten a lot of work done, though.

I guess I'll post some screen shots.
(By the way, all of the overworld screen shots are of their true resolution, but normally you'd view the game at a larger size when playing.)

Your Pokémon can follow you around on the overworld. How fun!

Hangin' out at the Pokémon Center!

Out on the route!

In the lab. (I forgot to mention there are many graphics for your character that you can choose from.)

Here's a battle in motion!

Chimchar grew to level 7 and learned Ember, yay!

Here is the stat viewer, in case you didn't know about it.
Hahaa, can't wait! :D

You've added EVERYTHING from the Pokémon games I remember, which will probably make this game almost the top of my list! :D

(Sorry, but nothing beats Trinity. :P)