This is me, blowing away the current world record. Even if only because of a technicality.

Here's a little game that should waste a few minutes of your time. Avoid the Asteroids by Cbgames is just what it says - a game where you fly around avoiding asteroids. Of course, you also have to collect fuel if you want to keep your ship in the air.

An early version of this game was released back in November, and I'm not sure that it has received any updates since then. It was being created as an entry for the Build A Space Game 2009 competition. Since I overlooked it the first time though, I'm going to go ahead and point it out to you now.

The controls are extremely basic and quite limiting. You press an arrow key to start a thruster moving in the direction you want. Your ship moves slowly, so you really have to plan ahead to avoid the onslaught of asteroids which are randomly spewed in your general direction.

The asteroids coming at you also cross from the top to the bottom and vice versa when they hit the edges of the screen, so you need to be cautious of asteroids that might pop up above or below you.

Finally, you have to make sure to catch the little fuel rods that come out with the asteroids, because if you go too long without fuel you'll lose the game.

That's all there is to it. You can give it a try, and see if you can achieve a high score. If you get the #1 score at any point, you get an award.