Yeah I made it...

Story: Well a little into my Monday's overtime at work I suddenly had this inspicraving (Kinda like an inspirational craving) for some Blueberry Tea. Not just any Blueberry Tea mind you, but a giant spaghetti pot full of the stuff. Boiled with sugar in bulk and then chilled for Iced Blueberry Tea the following morning, that was enough to bail me away from my job and my progress with the Star Wars: Episode II audiobook (Working on listening to the series from start to finish).

Fast forward roughly 40 minutes later and I'm home, the tea is successfully brewed to my taste's satisfaction, and now I face the hurdle of how to pour this spaghetti pot's contents into an empty Arizona Green Tea jug. If you hadn't caught on by now, this is when the flash of brilliance and possible divine intervention occurred. In the recycling bin located in my kitchen corner I spotted an empty Mountain Dew bottle and in seconds I had transformed this $0.05 deposit into a marvel, of which Leonardo Da Vinci would have been green (If only because of death)... Behold!

Now if only I had thought ahead and produced iced cubes, I wouldn't have to wait for morning...

Arizona rawks
Yash 69 wrote:
Arizona rawks

Lol, Cool.