Blood Legend

by The Naked Ninja
Blood Legend
Book 1 - The Curse of Elesmasia
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In the lands of Elesmasia, the mortal races had seen their share of battles, but nothing could prepare them for the war about to unfold.

An ancient power has risen, and in its wake it had crippled the Kings of Avalon, deities and creators of these lands. The catastrophe has caused a great change in the lands, with the sealing of the passage to the Gates of the Underworld, a terrible curse has taken hold... The dead continue to walk the earth in an effort to murder and enslave the mortal races to the will of this ancient power.

Who could have the power to overthrow the Kings with such evil?

I really hope this game didn't die already too. Lol.
soooooo... still working on this tnn?
Can't wait to see this game in Action! =D
Thought it looked better as a DBZ game. Better Pixel Art.
Yeah, I was hoping to see what would be made out of this.
The Naked Ninja i think i am late but i will like to host this for you if you still like it up
In response to Kingofthesea
if you when me to host it for you my key is bleach78 or kingofthesea