We've Updated!!:
Diagon Alley looks fresh and new!
Staircase bugs have been fixed!
Night and Day Cycles have been fixed!
Moderator Hiring Bug has been fixed!
New decor in Hogwarts!
Death Eater Clans and Auror Clan Basics have been instituted!

WE ARE HIRING! See the APPLICATION at the bottom of the page!

Coming Soon:
New Spells!
New Areas!
RP/PvP Status Changers to appeal to both crowds!
New Shops and Items!
Quests and more!....

Daedalus has taken over the coding. Please have patience with him as he navigates and updates!


There have been many debates on whether or not this game should be full RP or not. We will look into this and give you the best possible outcome. If we cannot promise you a full RP 24/7 enforced scenario, we can promise that we will monitor all activity to make sure your RP experience will not be compromised. Our last study on our server indicated that the full RP experience was actually making the game less desirable to play and we lost interest at an increasing rate.
We hope to see everyone there when we open, you will not be disappointed, we promise.

We are looking for staff!

Please send an e-mail with the following inquiry form (filled out) to:

List of Available Staff Positions:
General GM

History of Magic

Reason for applying:
Which country/time zone are you in?(If the U.S please give us your STATE only):
Experience as a GM (list games):
Have you read all the books/seen all the movies?:
What position are you applying for?:
Why should we hire you?:
Any skills on byond?(coding, iconning, mapping etc...):
What is your availability?:
Are you currently holding a job or going to school?:
Anything you'd like to add about yourself?

People constantly ask us what they can do to better their odds with us to become a staff member. All we can say is that you must have good spelling, grammar, sense of humor and be able to take direction. If you look like you've rushed your application with incredibly bad grammar and spelling, that never appeals to us. However, if you use good grammar and then in the interview show signs of bad grammar, we will understand that the application probably took you quite a while (spell check can be great can't it?!). Just be yourself, we are picky but it is for all the right reasons.

Thanks Again!
HMM Administrators


We are constantly getting suggestions for the game. Please, if you would like to see something in the game, write us! Please understand that we cannot reply to everyone but, we will read your e-mail and if it fits into our game, we will do our best to accommodate your needs for an entertaining time.
Your suggestions can be sent to

Thanks again!
Great Game
Bring it back!!!
Best harry potter game i ever played, but why is it gone?
I love this game
Way better than TWC!
and its off again :(
Please get it running again!

~Emily Windsnap
Ner0000, It's not nessicarily gone, it's just offline.
Please be patient, Daedalus is up dealing with a Power Outage right now because of Hurricane Irene. A temporary server may be going up soon, this server will require you to restart but it is only temporary until Daedalus gets power again.

Thank You,
Professor Cronus Arthfael

Notice: If you have any questions or comments please use the forums.
please unban magica
You will not be unbanned. You cannot conduct yourself properly on the game and will no longer be allowed to play.
what if i promise to change
doesnt every one deserve a second chance
i was banned for no reason at all.everybody thinked i was someone else and i dont know what happened. i was telling them how i dont know what they were talking about and they banned me.
I really liked the game and i wanted to go back but i dont know what happened they just have to use their brains and listen to what im saying DO NOT GO ON THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!
People are not banned from our games for no reason. Please let me explain to anyone who reads these comments. When people come on our game we don't expect anything but for them to follow the rules. We do not condone excessive rule breaking and bug abuse. Most of the people you see who comment on our hub are people who broke rules in an excessive manner. Let us reassure you that we are not banning or unwelcoming to anyone. We give everyone a fair shot to play the game but it isn't fair to those who are,'t abusing what we have worked so hard to give you, to allow such behavior. Please join us to play a well put together game and enjoy yourself with a drama free zone. We hope that you can look past the immaturity of those who cannot accept the consequences of their own actions and join in on the fun. Thank you all for your continued support and for playing along with us. Enjoy the game.
i want to change though i kept repeatting myself because i was toggling through other games
Can you please unbann me? I really dont know what i did to get banned. I really like this game a lot and im really sorry for whatever I did to get banned.
Im saying I didnt swear, I didnt bug, I didnt complain about classes or my house, I read the rules and I looked them over and I really dont know what I did to get banned.
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