Hey can you get it up again soon if possible?
The game is currently undergoing a rather large overhaul, once the update is complete it will be back up 24/7. Whats coming? A new interface, updated maps, a new potions system which will add the complexity that many users have requested and more.

Please register and post of the forums for more information/updates.

Wizaron/Magica/Peter, making a new key does not get you unbanned, you know exactly what you did wrong for you were pulled aside not once, but twice to discuss your role-playing abilities, even though you kept 'promising' that you would properly role-play, no change was observed in your behavior if anything, it just got worse. Before you say you aren't Magica, the game has been offline since the day BEFORE your key was created and currently only two people are banned, of those, you are the only one complaining. If you would like to discuss this further, please use the forums.
Downtime will make you lose followers faster than you can say "Zero Players"
I agree it is very hard to wait for an update of a game you are eagerly waiting for, especially in cases where people have been playing for quiet a long time and enjoyed it...

Maybe an estimate of when the game will be up would help? Pretty please?
i dont have a second key wizaron is a friend of mine from HaH
Yeh i remember Magicamadeye from HAH. and i didnt make a new key, that was my brother.Posnera15, and my other brother Posnerh18.
Then when i was banned because of everybody thinking i switched keys and my brothers werent able to play anymore.
i swear i didnt do anything,my wizaron account was not working so i tried making another account WizAaron but then i found out my computer was stuck on caps when i put in my password and i deleted WizAaron.my brothers were really mad when they were banned from this game. i was really sad and im sorry if i confused anybody to thinking i switched keys.
im a triplet so im not the only one who has access to my Computer or anything else
but i havnt played micheif managed in a while and my siblings told me i was banned
The comment section on the HUB is no place for conversations, there are forums to use. If you would like to appeal a punishment made against you for what ever action you've been accused of, there is a complaint section on the forums.
How long until it will be back up? I haven't been on sience school started.
it's up
How do you talk to the shop keepers?
I Finally figured it out. Just say, Hi to them. and they do the rest :) Awsome I love it Its like your realy RPing with them.
I really love this game and I only started yesterday. The only thing I can say would be to have some instructions in the beginning because it took me a while to figure out.
what do i click in the forums that is the complaint section?
Hey Dae, it's Lyle. When is this coming back up? I'm dying to play again.
:D I got introduced to this game by a friend, though it was a test server. It was really nice though...and when I found out it was RP, I just freaked out because I -REALLY- love role playing games. :x I give this 9 Wands/10 Wands! It would be 10/10, but I like being picky!
why cant i get in
In response to Magicamadeye
Magicamadeye wrote:
why cant i get in

Because you're banned permanently. You don't know how to handle the game, or the environment the administration sets up. These are Dae's words almost exactly.
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