Keywords: blood, legend, update
As you probably know by now, I suck at giving updates on my development process at regular intervals. My problem is that I rarely feel anything I accomplish actually means anything to anyone interested in my progress.

The biggest thing is the lack of graphical representation, I've noticed that if updates are lacking in this department, most people really don't care what you have to say. For those that do, you can follow my progress a little closer on my new Follow Elesmasia on Twitter account. I plan on updating this anytime I finish any given goal with my creations, Blood Legend being the main focus until completion. I figure this would be a more appropriate approach than spamming the members page with a 60-150 word post every time I finish something small. I've also redesigned my layout here a little, but I'm still new to CSS designs, so if it's faulty please help me fix it.


Note: Random picture for flare.
It's quite obvious you just finished getting married to a blender and the wedding getaway car was banged up because of reckless driving and the people in the background aren't cops interrogating a UPS driver, they're buddies talking about how wasted you were.
Lmao, love the picture.
I tried to find any decent BYOND developers/designers with an active Twitter account so I can follow them, so far I've only found Tayoko and Deadron.

I like how this works, hopefully it's beneficial for anyone interested in following my creations.
I always thought a twitter account would be kind of neat for game updates.
I tried to request something similar for BYOND members, but no response.