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I think theres a bug on DM where the icon is coded correctly and everything but it wont show on any person.......i have seeked help on developer help and all the ideas i tried didnt work is it a bug or not?
Hi Angel_Heat,

If you suspect that this is a bug that you're encountering, Then providing and uploading a demo project that shows the minimum amount of code and resources needed to display the issue (While still being self-sustaining) would be the best thing you could do to verify it.

Looking at your issue in Developer Help, you may still be running into a code problem on your end, possibly due to having multiple instances of Login() in your code base without the accompanying .=..() notation.

Good luck!

Edit: Looking at the screen shot posted of your base.dmi file, you have a "Buggy.rsc" file located in the file tree.

Can you try doing a clean compile and see if that changes anything?
I appreciate your help Higoten.....but still nothing i cleaned compiled and i added .=..() for the login which IS only 1 login instance i still dont understand the file wont load i could make a demo or ill just screenshot and show u the file and the dm file i dont mind

I dont wanna continue if i cant fix this -_- and has nothing. I really wanna finish this project :| it will be something cool and......src.icon = 'Base Male.dmi' that was a test for another icon and yet it doesnt work D:
What happens if you delete buggy.rsc and dawn age trinity crisis.rsc, followed by a clean compile? Does buggy.rsc return?
No it doesnt return but the problem is still happening lol
WELP i tried to see wats [messing] it up and i tried to use it on another source it worked fine............but its something with DM i guess O_O
OH WAIT i found my problem................the turfs are being set above my icon any idea how to fix it?
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Lower the turf's layer or raise the mob's layer.
Im sorry about that guys i didnt focus on the turfs sorry that i bothered you all
I appreciate all your help :D
Kk, so you made two topics and spent all this time because you somehow made the turf's layer higher than the mobs without realising? Then after I ask you to present more of the code files you refused and made this topic here only to find out that if you were to show more of the code files, like asked, this would've been resolved long ago?