I know I really hadn't gone into too much specifics about the game, so I figured I'd take a little time (before the Simpsons comes on :) and delve a little into the available classes and subclasses of Blood Legend. The goal of this post is to familiarize my readers with the play styles and their inspirations, my personal goal for the game is to make each class uniquely fun to play in a world that is somewhat new.

The Classes
  • Crusader: A symbol of light throughout Elesmasia, this soldier focuses on spirit-based melee abilities and powerful enhancements to conquor the darkness of the land.
    ~ Their play style focuses on spirit-based melee abilities, defensive spells, and an array of self-buffs allowing the player to change between a tank and a berserker.
    My inspiration for this class is a cross between a paladin and a jedi knight.

  • Spirit Warrior: Very attuned to the spirits of their world, this martial artist is known for manipulating their own spirits as weapons against the adversaries.
    ~ The play style for this class focuses on being a fighter of all styles and master of none. Initially they are simple martial artists with the ability to channel their spirits as weapons, but as they progress they learn the ability to 'spirit walk', enhancing their spirit powers while disabling their melee, and eventually the ability to shift into a spirit beast form. This form is pure melee with spirit enhancements.
    My inspirations for this class is a mix of various Fighting Animes and oddly enough the warewolves from Eclipse

  • Gladiator: A master of all forms of hand to hand combat, their strength and agility are their greatest allies. In war they are the frontmen, in times of peace they provide brutal entertainment for kings and kin alike. Battle is their passion and a good challenge is all they ask for.
    ~ The play style is powerful melee combat with abilities to keep your target in check. They benefit the most from using hand-to-hand weaponry.
    The inspiration for this class has nothing to do with Meg Ryan movies

  • Sorceror: A master of the arcane and manipulator of the elements, these magicians and their vast knowledge are unmatched in the arts of magic. While deadly from a distance, some are also very difficult to kill.
    ~ Their play style is designed to provide the feel of a magician who has total control of their surroundings through manipulation of the elements.
    Honestly every time I'm working on this class I think of that movie fight scene between Dumbledore and Voldemort.

  • Shadowknight: This warrior of death is well known throughout the lands for their tainted blades and necromantic magics. Instead of using the spirits for balance, these warriors enslave them in acts that generally defy the laws of nature, casting them as weapons against any opposition.
    ~ Their play style focuses on a mild melee offense enhanced by a wide variety of dark magic and afflictions.
    They're designed to feel like a cross between a Sith Warrior and a Necromancer.

  • Vampyr: While others of their kind are slaves to the Beliazar, the Dark King, they somehow retained their souls. Although most of their mortal memories are hazy and some of their old passions still exist a new one has surfaced, the need for mortal blood.
    ~ Their play style focuses on hit and run tactics. While the basic skills cost nothing, their true power comes from drinking blood, which allows the use of more powerful psychic abilities.
    There are alot of inspirations to this class, but generally I think my biggest vampire inspiration are those from Buffy.

  • Ranger: A flexible soldier, some serve as scouts in battle due to their amazing accuracy with ranged weapons and abilities to adapt to their surroundings, while others uphold the law in smaller towns as gunslingers.
    ~ Their play style focuses heavily on ranged combat, with an ability to temporarily hold their own in melee range.
    The inspirations for this class is a cross between the general fantasy archers and old western gunslinger movies.

  • Shaman: Those who are one with the land and are capable of invoking it in times of need. This subclass will focus on healing abilities as well as some buffs.

  • Soldier: Any class with a soldier subclass will be more suitable for melee-ranged abilities, as well as having access to a wider variety of weapons and armors.

  • Assassin: This sub-class will add skills of stealth and deception to their abilities, making them an even deadlier force.

  • Tamer: Becoming a tamer will allow the class long-lasting pets who will fight and even die for their masters. You may only have one active pet at a time.

I know it may be a bad move expressing my inspirations for these classes, but be assured that I am not making them true to anything specific, they are ONLY inspirations (Things I think about when writing the spells that make me go "I want to feel like I can do all that cool stuff"). . By expressing these I am hoping that readers would better understand what to expect when they select their class. The stories and NPCs will be completely my creation, as will the bulk of my abilities, to my knowledge. Currently I am also working on making the art also all of my original work. I'm not a big fan of plagiarism :)

That's all for today, for smaller and more frequent updates I suggest you follow me on twitter if you're interested.

<3 Ken.
i love this CSS...
I don't get why you make the pictures so small and screw with them. It's pointless. I'll be able to steal -all- of your icons when you host the game anyways.
Fugsnarf wrote:
I don't get why you make the pictures so small and screw with them. It's pointless. I'll be able to steal -all- of your icons when you host the game anyways.

Maybe he feel's like not getting robbed until he releases... Just be happy he is sharing the development with the community.
I really hope you find a way to use that interface without using software rendering.
I'm guessing the hotkeys are just obj HUDs, Antx.
Fugsnarf wrote:
I don't get why you make the pictures so small and screw with them. It's pointless. I'll be able to steal -all- of your icons when you host the game anyways.

You carry the same arguement everywere you go. Read what G1 said and stop bitching about it.

TNN I love the CSS.
All I'm saying is, what's the difference if it's stolen now or later? If someone wants to steal it, nothing's going to be stopping them. In fact it'll be right there for the taking. It's absolutely pointless. Either way, if The Naked Ninja is -that- concerned about nothing, he could at least leave it at just watermarking the picture.
Oh I don't shrink it in fear of stolen graphics, honestly that doesn't bug me. I shrink it because the interface is a bit large and it won't link to the "fancy viewer" unless I shrink it down.

I was attempting to display the game's interface layout, not the graphics themselves. Right now the game is lacking any actual content (I still hadn't drawn clothes yet), so as far as graphics go I can only show a naked guy standing on grass and surrounded by the same trees.

As far as the transparencies go, it's only limited to a few alphas in the .dmi files and on client.screen or as underlay shadows. My interface is a combination of HUD and Interface Objects to give that look. I'll try to have some sort of graphically appeasing post later on this week for you Fugsnarf :)

And I'm glad you like the CSS Chris, I was trying to match my twitter and byond page layouts.
Good man, the quality of your game will be in its interesting backstory and what appears to be a great deal of forethought about the gameplay mechanics. It is interesting, I look forward to hearing more about the specifics of how the game will work.

Also, your GUI looks great.
Hey TNN, log into MSN and contact me asap please.