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If you are not a BYOND member, you may have difficulty sharing your creations because you lack anywhere to host your files, or if you do have a file host, they may not allow you to link to your files remotely. This makes it difficult to create a download link from your game's hub page. If this is the case, Single Player Games may be able to host your game files for you as long as your game is listed in this guild.

If you have any questions about whether your game can be listed at Single Player Games, please consult the Game Rules to determine whether or not your game qualifies.

If you feel that your game qualifies to be listed at Single Player Games, and you would like your game files to be hosted here, then please contact me and let me know your situation. Please also provide links to your game's hub entry.

We can also provide you with a sub-forum for your game, giving you full moderator privileges in that forum. If you prefer to host your files elsewhere but would still like to have a forum for your game at Single Player Games, please contact me to request a forum.
Cool beans. Nice offer.
Great idea, Foomer!
Only if people use it.
I would have valued this beyond belief when I wasn't a member. Of course, I would have had to get a single player game done first :p
Well if you know of anyone who could use it (and is actually working on a single player game) you can forward them to me. This offer has been open for a while, but no one has taken me up on it yet.