That's right! The Pokemon Challenger update is here!

Pokemon Challenger has been one of my favorite projects to play over the past year, and I'm especially excited to bring this fabulous new update.

We've doubled the waves!

50 -> 100

We've doubled the Pokemon!

120+ -> 250+

We've got the badges!

5 -> 8

And now you can fight the Elite Four to earn your spot as the champion!

Play BYOND's favorite psuedo-defense game, Pokemon Challenger. Now with more unlocks, more starters, and more legendary Pokemon for you to capture!

Small print: Servers will be down until about 12:30 as the update is applied.

hey can you help me im making this new naruto game its gonna be the best fucking shit

On a more serious note, that actually looks like a worthwhile Pokemon game.
Keep up the GFX, Best i seen for a Pokemon game.
ok please can you fix all the servers i dont know what happened i think some one quit and there still there some how but now i cant play because the people in the servers are the leader i guess