So I logged onto the Lappy tonight when I got back to school, and noticed I had a new "antivirus" program on my pc. I thought it was weird that I had downloaded something and not remembered, so I googled the "program". "Internet Security 2010" is not<\B> and antivirus, its a virsus virus...or some type of adware. So, I ran AVG....and AVG skipped over it. Now, I know that it's on my computer, and it's not good for my computer, so it needs to die. So I downloaded "Spyware Terminator", ran it, and the bugger slipped through its net. I Terminated the Terminator, and downloaded Spyware Doctor. It seems to have got least it recognized it, 5 other threats, and 100 other infected files. Lovely :D

I'll post an update(I'll just edit this post) when it finishes up.

So yeah, if you have "Internet Security 2010" do everything you can to get rid of it, its an annoying little bugger of a program.
That's a rouge anti-virus! =)
Get Malwarebytes anti malware.
I went to demonoid and caught malware defense right off the main site (lol this happens when i was just looking to see if what i wanted was even there, i didnt even intend to download anything at the time.)which fucked my laptop up, real bad. Had to get it wiped.
Microsoft Security Essentials is the best rated free antivirus right now. Second to that, I recommend Avira or Avast.
I'm actually trying to get rid of this exact thing right now. Microsoft Security Essentials got rid of the running files, but not the downloader that keeps adding it. Malwarebytes seems to be getting rid of it all after I updated it.

I got the trojan from clicking an icon somebody posted on their blog a few hours ago (it went to, probably a malicious ad on their site). Did you click it also? :P
We deal with this spyware all the time in my IT class at school. So far the program that totally gets rid of it is malwarebytes. As far as how it infects you computer, you can get it from ads. However i have seen the same spyware add its self to links on websites. i actually got it once from a link on byond.
These days I've noticed that having a good ad blocking program is more important than running anti-virus. Internet is just riddled with bad ads.
Lol, I had a post set up immediately after I got it fixed, but because I got over-zealous with the anti-whatever downloading, I couldn't figure out which program had put up a super-restrictive firewall that wouldn't let me access the internet.

It's completely gone now, after 20 dollars and a complete headache. I probably got it from BYOND, I was joking with my mom that I didn't look at any porn in the fast few days so that wasn't the culprit.