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Lousy movie. Throw me a few $$$ and I could do better, that's all I'm saying.

<3 Ken.
Movie was no better then Ghost Hunters, except you saw a knife in one of the endings.
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My sentiments exactly, but I prefer to call it Parabullshit Activity...I was super hyped to see it, going to that little website to demand it be shown in my area and even got my friends to do it also...Huge disappointment yet it's critically acclaimed and people were supposedly fainting in the theaters...Hell even the chick at the ticketbooth tried to verify my age before letting me in (I was 19 at the time) leading me into believing there was truly some sort of credibility to it being scary or even remotely startling...But it was neither of those...*sigh /rant
I thought it was rather neat, mostly because they used a tripod instead of a shaky cam.

My main problem with the movie was the characters. The actors did a decent job portraying them and they seemed to have great chemistry, but as they were developed I liked them less than less. When the guy said he wouldn't buy a board I instantly knew he would borrow one and I just hate people like that. By the end of the movie I didn't care what happened to either of them so the climax wasn't engaging.

Also, I kept getting that feeling where you're very aware you're watching a movie.

Paranormal Cattivity > Paranormal Activity

That was a good parody. Sadly better than the movie itself.
I could've made a better movie.

*my mom was 100% sure this movie was real, even after the Ouija board caught on fire...I was calling her retarded the entire time. At the end she googled it to see if it was real or not..just to make sure IMDB wasn't lying.
This too > the actual movie
Mecha Destroyer JD wrote:
[youtube] This too > the actual movie

I agree, College Humor rocks.