Is there away i can update a server without having to close it :/
The search function is your friend. [search results for "update in-game"]
thnks i know i have to reboot server for dmb but for the rsc its locked up
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You can easily update the code and map elements of your game with a simple reboot. Modifying any sound or art assets while the game is running or introducing new ones to the code or map will cause the .rsc to lock up. You WILL have to close the server if you modify the resources.
i saw people in the forums saying something about preload_rsc
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From what I understand preload_rsc allows you to specify different locations you can download resources from. They still have to be present within the game itself though, so I don't think it would work. I've never experimented with it so I may be wrong.
Is there a way tom could add it lots of people in my server are AFK focus training (DBZHU2)
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I believe it was requested before but turned down due to not being possible with how BYOND handles resources.
I've modified the .rsc file with the game running. I don't know if it's safe, but you can drag the .dmb and .rsc into the folder containing the host files and it won't complain about the .rsc being locked. This method requires that you're not hosting from the source, of course, otherwise you can't compile.