Event Aug 3 2012, 7:00 pm
to Aug 10 2012, 7:00 pm
Keywords: a, byond, contest, game, in, membership, week

I'd like to thank everyone again for participating, I will contact the four winners about their prize money as soon as possible. I'll hopefully see you all again in Gi2W. Gi2W will be posted about in about a week with the time it will be running, so keep an eye out for that.

Again, congratulations participants! (:

Winners of GiaW 2012:

1st Place - Horror Game by D4RK3 54B3R

GAMEPLAY: 22.5/30
GRAPHICS: 28.5/30
MUSIC: 12/12
POLISH: 15.5/18
OVERALL: 78.5/90

Branks: Oh, my.. Where do I begin? This game looks and feels like a professional indie game. I like the fact that we can choose multiple classes, and use a variety of skills to survive against the games monsters. Adding the dynamic lighting pretty much made this game. Monsters + dark environment = a very intriguing atmosphere.
The guns work pretty well, but there is one gripe I have. The way rotating your character works is a bit clunky. I found myself getting annoyed by the lag between rotation with the mouse. The graphics are amazing for a BYOND game. Very well, put together. I really like that you added 'flashing' to the monsters taking damage. It adds an arcade-ish effect. The tileset is high quality, and the mapping job is perfect in my eyes. I have no issues with the music or sound. All of the sound effects bring the game to life. When you take damge and are near death, a heartbeat sound plays and you really feel like you're about to kick the bucket. Hearing the monsters moan for flesh is exciting as well. When it comes to polish, I think you could take a look into your movement and player
rotation (using the mouse) systems and possibly debug to make them smoother. If you do that, your game will be smooth, and even more attractive!

Oasiscircle: For this game it is clear that it was worked on for hard and long hours, and its scores show that quite well.

2nd Place - Dragon by Koil

MUSIC: 10.5/12
POLISH: 17/18
OVERALL: 70.5/90

Branks: I enjoyed this entry that plays very similar to "Snake" which is a classic game. From the opening of the game, to the 'Game Over' screen; I enjoyed what I played (I tried a dozen times). Starting off with gameplay.. It's quite simple. You use the Left & Right arrow keys to rotate your position and the movement is constant. Don't let that fool you. It's quite a difficult game as the speed progresses. I often face-palmed myself at stupid mistakes causing me to lose. SO, kudos to you for allowing me to connect to the gameplay. I can tell a lot of effort was put into making this a very smooth running entry. The graphics are simplistic, but very well made. Everything flows together, and from an artists opinion, you've done well to capture the mood. It's nothing to drool over, though. Maybe you could have made some props or an interesting looking border around the game map to bring it to life a bit more. When the game boots up, you are granted with some very "hip" music. I really dig it. The only lacking area is sound effects. It would be nice to have sound effects when you collect those 'Dragon Bits'. Lastly.. the polishing on this entry is practicly flawless, and the best thus far. It's way too simple, so I couldn't grant you a maximum polish score, due to whats mentioned above.

Magnum2k: Koil's game is FANTASTIC. The gameplay is fast-paced and innovative, the graphics fit, and the music is just relaxing and awesome. There's not much to be said about this besides that new features should be added.

3rd Place - And She Will Breathe by Yut Put

GRAPHICS: 20.5/30
MUSIC: 11.5/12
POLISH: 13.5/18
OVERALL: 63.5/90

Branks: The game starts out with an interesting story. Pretty much you collect orbs throughout the game, in order to progress further with the dialogue. The platforming was a bit annoying though. You can't jump forward if you're on the edge of a cliff tile. It just denies you every time. The only challenge I had was the connecting of the jumps I had to make in order to climb the cliffs. Enemies were eye candy, seeing as they were idle and basically just watched me infinitely. Kind of a let down, but I see you were trying to focus mainly on the story telling and atmosphere. The graphics are simple, but I did like the presentation. The thing that bothered me most was the climbing animation. It looked like I was some sort of insect. The static effect between dialogue was a nice touch, thus making the story powerful. When it comes to sound, the music fits the game entirely. It would have been nice to have some sort of dramatic song play at the "sad" parts of the game. Sound effects for the sword is decent, as well as the wolves. When it comes to the polish area.. My personal experience is that it's a clean game. The only part that was annoying like said previously.. is not being able to jump forward when on the edge of a solid turf. It really bothered me.

Oasiscircle: Atmospheric games are always really interesting, but despite the great graphics and music I don't think the story was told well enough. Great entry otherwise though!

4th Place - Rocket Down by Akto

MUSIC: 9/12
POLISH: 13.5/18
OVERALL: 58.5/90

Branks: This was a decent attempt at a shooter that felt similar to the Halo series. However, it fell short on a few areas in gameplay. I felt like this should have been more than just a pointless deathmatch game. Didn't really see a reason to play for more than 5 minutes. It's one of those games that requires players to join your server in order to even try the game. The fundamentals are there, but they're just applied very bad. When it comes to graphics I believe the characters look good. The particle effects
are very cool when you use the jetpack. I like the 'Alert!' warning when you're over heating as well. The map could use a few more props to make it stand out. The sound department is somewhat decent. The music compliments the setting, but the projectile sounds are not what I'd imagine to use for this kind of game. In the end, the game could use some objectives, better map variation, and possibly different character designs. It COULD become a fun game, if it's developed further.

Oasiscircle: This was a good shooter game, and reminded me a lot of the project that the graphics were going to be for! Really nice entry, just add more to the gameplay and it'd be a ton of fun.

Gravity by Bravo1

MUSIC: 9.5/12
POLISH: 11.5/18
OVERALL: 58/90

Dungeon by Gooseheaded & Mechanios

GAMEPLAY: 19.5/30
MUSIC: 9/12
POLISH: 7.5/18
OVERALL: 57/90

Sword by Greatfisher

MUSIC: 5.5/12
POLISH: 12/18
OVERALL: 56.5/90

Game by Albro1

GAMEPLAY: 19.5/30
GRAPHICS: 16.5/30
MUSIC: 10.5/12
POLISH: 10/18
OVERALL: 56.5/90

Chaos Keys by Cloud Mage

GAMEPLAY: 17.5/30
MUSIC: 11.5/12
POLISH: 9.5/18
OVERALL: 55.5/90

1-Bit Space Adventure by Fugsnarf

MUSIC: 11.5/12
POLISH: 7/18
OVERALL: 54.5/90

CazHaz by Kaiochao

GAMEPLAY: 17.5/30
MUSIC: 0/12
POLISH: 14.5/18
OVERALL: 42/90

Cave Clearer by Higoten

GAMEPLAY: 11.5/30
MUSIC: 6/12
POLISH: 7.5/18
OVERALL: 37/90

Captive by Toddab503

MUSIC: 6/12
POLISH: 6/18
OVERALL: 33/90

Brick Escape by Prf X

MUSIC: 0/12
POLISH: 6/18
OVERALL: 28/90

Lost Saga by Arcangelx16

MUSIC: 2/12
POLISH: 4/18
OVERALL: 13/90

Archived Post:

Just because I love these time-constrained contests, I figured I would host one for fun before summer ends for most BYOND-goers.

The aim of this contest is not only to give out prizes for those who can complete a game in such constraints, but also to stimulate some development of the small fun games that BYOND is known for. If you would like to participate, simply comment below! If you are participating as a group, I need confirmation from each group member in this thread. You can join after the contest has begun, but the end date is still the same!

To qualify for prizes, you must create a game start to finish within the contest's time restraints and submit a zip file containing your game's .dmb, .rsc, and all other files that are needed for the game to work. And if it is not listed somewhere in-game, I need a way to identify what the key (or keys) of the creator is. Make sure you only use resources that are either public domain or of your own creation. Feel free to use libraries and frame-works!

Submissions can either be uploaded somewhere or sent directly to my email hexbit@ymail.com .

I will be judging each game that I am submitted in the following categories with a maximum score of 30.

  • [10] Gameplay
  • [10] Graphics
  • [4] Music/Sound
  • [6] Polish

I will create a judging file that gives my ranking on each category for each game and a short summary of what I enjoyed about the game.

I will be participating, but I won't be eligible for any prizes, so don't you worry about unfair judging! ;)

Due to generous contributions by Vocal_nebula, Bravo1, Megablaze, Aaiko, and an anonymous donor the prize list is currently as follows:

  • 1st Place Prize - $100
  • 2nd Place Prize - $75
  • 3rd Place Prize - $50
  • 4th Place Prize - $25
  • Megablaze's Choice - $20 or 1 Year BYOND Membership ($24 value)

Prize money can either be received through PayPal, used for Steam games, or BYOND Membership(s) for you or your team. If you are working on a team, prize money will be distributed only after the method of distribution is confirmed by all team members. Megablaze will be choosing his own personal favorite game from the submissions which I will provide him. He shall be delivering the prize himself to his choice.

If anyone is nice enough to contribute a prize to the contest themselves, feel free to comment below and I will talk to you out of thread about it. Thanks for your generosity! (:

Any questions about the contest will be answered below.
Good luck with your game, and I will see you in a week! :)
I'll compete: quick question though how do you tell if a game was made that week or not? I've always wondered..

Also. I'll put up $3 towards the prize, because that's all have in my paypal XD
I'd like to talk to you about contributing a prize for this.
I'll join if an artist is willing to work with me. I'm a terribad artist.
In response to Bravo1
Bravo1 wrote:
I'll compete: quick question though how do you tell if a game was made that week or not? I've always wondered..

Also. I'll put up $3 towards the prize, because that's all have in my paypal XD

The only way I can tell is if a game looks like it's way too much work to be done in a week. But honestly I trust a lot of BYONDers to follow those rules. (:

I'll contact you on Skype about your contribution, thank you so much! (:

In response to Vocal_nebula
Vocal_nebula wrote:
I'd like to talk to you about contributing a prize for this.

Alright! Thanks so much, it's really appreciated! :)
I'll page you in a moment.
In response to Albro1
Albro1 wrote:
I'll join if an artist is willing to work with me. I'm a terribad artist.

Don't worry about having excellent graphics, as long as they all fit together with the theme of the game you'll score great! I'm not really looking for stunning art, I'm looking for art that all fits together nicely. :)
Zane and I are participating.
In response to Magnum2k
Magnum2k wrote:
Zane and I are participating.

Can't wait to see what you guys can make! (:
I'll toss my hat in the ring. Might as well give it a shot.
In response to LordAndrew
LordAndrew wrote:
I'll toss my hat in the ring. Might as well give it a shot.

Woo, good luck to you sir! (:
Me and Mechanios are signing up for this, my good sir!
In response to Gooseheaded
Gooseheaded wrote:
Me and Mechanios area signing up for this, my good sir!

Glad to hear it, good luck to the both of you. (:
I will be entarhing thes contast.
In response to Kaigne
Alright, good luck! (:
ExPixel and I will be entering.
In response to Yut Put
Yut Put wrote:
ExPixel and I will be entering.

Glad to have you two, good luck to you both. (:
Any kind of theme or just: the most awesome game we can make?
I'd like to see a theme.
In response to Bravo1
You can make any type of game you want! No theme restrictions! (:
That's kinda the reason I'm starting the thread so soon to the start date, to minimize the impact that any unfortunate cheating would have on the overall outcome.
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