Hey all,

Just a few updates. I post weekly updates on my game sites individually, but to make a mass post for all games on here. So here we go,

Everquest - Finishing up West Freeport innards. Outline is finished with furnishings. Still looking for a custom iconist for all iconing work, have Temporary icons in at the moment.

Dragon Quest Evolution - I have to say this is probably my 8th - 9th attempt at this project. Everythime i get deep into it something either comes up, computer crashes have to reformat, or just lose everything i worked on. Well I am back on the next attempt getting the icons ready and remapping it all out once again. This time I am backing everything up on memsticks.

Thats it for now, I will keep everyone posted when more updating comes around. If you are interested in working on either of my projects feel free to drop me a line. Thanks guys.
'This time I am backing everything up on memsticks.'

Given that you are planning to work on-line together with other people, I got to wonder why you're not taking the route of cloud storage la dropbox