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Seriously. I taught my new kitten how to play fetch. He's better at it than most dogs, only he fetches crumpled up napkins instead of balls. He also wants to play non-stop... my throwing arm is sore just from the sheer repetition.

I need to capture some video of it. It's freaking hilarious.
My cat and dog have a case of mistaken identity with their species. My cat was raised around dogs, so it acts like one (even eating dog food, going out when they did, once chased a car). Now in my cats later years, he started being more cat like, and my sister's pitbull, was raised around a cat. So now my pitbull claws things like couches, will pretty much use it's paws for grabbing anything, etc, etc. But they don't get along, so my pitbull will put the head of the cat in its mouth..
Ravenx465 wrote:
Ravenx465 wrote:
lol might wanna check how much sugar is being put in the food they eat.

or maybe its just a really happy cat/kitten

My cat did that for a while but some reason stopped...well then again it was raised in the wild.