Yeah, I'm making one of the stereotypical falling blocks games for the iTouch/iPhone. So far, the game's core is in there, in fact, it's actually playable. Right now, I just need to add in some modularity (load enemy info from files, rather than hardcode it), fix bugs/memory leaks (last time I checked, there were no leaks, but I've changed some stuff since then), optimize it (I use a lot of "convenience methods", which add overhead), and make things nice and pretty (add backgrounds, game over screen, special effects, etc.). Oh yeah, and ads, can't forget ads. Regardless, when I release it (hopefully soon), it will be free (with maybe an option to pay a dollar and remove the ads, which won't harm gameplay etc. at all).

EDIT: Falling blocks was probably a bad word to use, because most people view Tetris as a falling blocks game, and my game will be a bit different; you control a thing that dodges them.