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It says something about .EXE. but im not sure what it is.
It says it has a
Unsafe file of BAT.
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Please help!
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Hi Thetroop99,

We're going to need a lot more information before we can help you.

First off, what is giving you that message? Is it anti-virus software? Or is it coming from BYOND itself?

Second, what are you getting the message for and when? Is it when trying to run the BYOND installer, clicking a game download link, or when hosting a game?
1.Not sure might be antiviruse

2.Whenever i try and download Byond i get the message.My brother says it nothing.Byond installer.
Assuming you downloaded the BYOND installer from the official website (here), then it should be safe to install. Sometimes anti-virus software incorrectly identifies BYOND as a virus, which is called a "false positive". AVG in particular is known to do this from time to time.

You should be able to tell your antivirus software to ignore/allow the file.
I can.Thanks!