It's 2:48 AM here in California. I woke up, got out of bed, made sure my girlfriend was fully covered with blankets, and walked downstairs to my dining room where I had last left my laptop. This laptop is fairly new and has been primarily used for the development of one of my games, a zombie RPG known as Dead and Walking. I can hear the gentle sound of my laptop humming and the background music of my game. Everything sounds as it should, everything is occurring as I expect it to.

I can't help but think, "Why is it that I continue to come to this blue and gold website?" Of all sites to spend my time on, why this one? As these thoughts cross my mind in real-time (They are real-time to me) and my fingers hit the keys on my keyboard, I recall my earlier days, prior to discovering BYOND in 2001. I recall the games I was once most fond of, the games that had much detail in text yet lacked in graphics, that's right, I'm talking about MUD's.

MUD's are texted based multiplayer online roleplaying games and I've played every variation from Star Wars to classic Dungeons and Dragons-esque games. I can still remember typing "cast 'magic missile' imp". That's right, you had to type out every single command, and I loved it. The game was very detailed. In most muds, every object could be interacted with. Sure there were no real graphics aside from the ASCII-drawn sort, but the detail was there. The MUD community was very popular on such sites as or Many codebases were released, allowing newbie coders like myself to get one up and running using a Unix Shell Account that some mud hosting sites provided for free. The developers on the forums were more than happy to help you get started.

I felt a strong bond with many of the other developers and players. Some of those involved in the community were accountants, college students, high school students, programmers, delivery boys/girls; there was such a huge variety of people and yet they were all brought together for the love of mudding and roleplaying in a gaming world that only required a dial-up connection and the Windows telnet client. Pretty simple, huh?

I guess when I found BYOND, I found something new yet old. Here I was in 8th grade, barely stumbling upon what appeared to be a newly developed gaming community of both gamers and developers. Make my own graphical multiplayer roleplaying game? No way. But yes, it was there, it was all there, and I decided there and then that BYOND would be my new home.

To be continued..
BYOND is great, came here in the 5th grade, graduated high school last year. It's like crack for game lovers.
yeah byond is great I play it since i was 10
byond is very good and i could play it all day
BYOND just has this addiction to some people.
As many times as I hear a new rip emerging, I still believe that there are great games and the community is quite decent in most areas of BYOND.
The older days were quite marvelous compared to today, but it's just the fact that you don't have to really communicate with BYOND to be a BYONDer.
I remember the day I started like it was yesterday. I was searching through flash games and had a fairly junky computer back then. I thought, "These flash games suck, there's got to be a way I can get in on this."
That started my journey of Googling "Game Maker" and I found a couple, tried them, didn't feel it was good enough. Then, the magical words BYOND came to me. I visited the site, before making an account I browsed through the games and was like, "Wow! This is what I've been looking for."
I don't need a super fancy computer, I don't need to worry about my games not having any publicity and more.
I was using a Guest account at the time, played some games here and there, then I met some people who changed my life so to speak.
I was told I can make a game, icon, code and whatnot whenever I wanted to with no limitations and completely free.
So, now I'm still here today after many obstacles in life, ready to open up Dream Maker or BYOND and go, "This... Is me."
I will admit, back in my younger days, I did the lazy-man's way of making games (rips and mods). But after a couple years and some trial and errors, I can understand the DM Language and most of what it offers. If I only knew what I know now, back then, I'd be set.

Great article, I'd yea+ it, but =\ yeah...
And by the way, Dead and Walking was one of the regular games I'd play.
I first came to byond in 2007 under the name of wheelsfire an account that i never use anymore. I was an anime fan back then, didn't really care about the other people. I then left byond for a year and rejoined under the name of gamemakingdude. I notice a lot of changes in that one year.
Lexoloco wrote:
yeah byond is great I play it since i was 10

And your still 10 now.
Even though alot of us bag on BYOND and stuff such as it's rip and the community, in the end I believe if BYOND's site ever shut down most of us would feel a bit of sadness.
Ganing wrote:
Even though alot of us bag on BYOND and stuff such as it's rip and the community, in the end I believe if BYOND's site ever shut down most of us would feel a bit of sadness.

Defiently. I've been through MMORPG, Multi-player First Person Shooters, Skateboarding, and many more activities. In the end, I always return. I spend from the moment I wake to the moment I sleep mostly on BYOND. Without it I'd be a VERY bored individual XD.
hey dude, when does your classes start?
This is Page, I remember you from Proelium. Are you still going out with Cherry?

Assuming you were a young teen during the earlier 00's. I would just be pretty amazed to see anyone that young hold a relationship for a decade.
Hi, can you downgrade the PvP? Because a group of people keeps betraying and camping the spawns.. killing all new players, so if you can please limit it to people who agrees to PvP.
I miss MUDs. Nuff said.
rekwan unban me please. ::...Lightning...::
retards don't ask to be unbanned :v besides isn't that agaibst the rules or something? :v