Keywords: maptext, outline, shadow
Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Open

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I doubt I am the only person who is struggling with the maptext feature, while it is very helpful in many uses, having a single color (typically white or black) rarely looks good on the HUD due to visibility problems etc.

I have heard some suggestions to obtain the ideal white text with black outline look which is to have 5 separate maptext objects, one for the white text and 4 behind it with pixel_x +1/-1 and pixel_y +1/-1. I think this is kind of an unfortunate approach though and it seems wasteful.

It would be nice if maptext had support for some other span styles such as
style ="text-shadow:" which is the outline feature that would be so useful.
Here's some additional discussion in another thread: forum/?post=688906&page=2#comment1934927