I'm confused about the check passport i know how to code it but like how do they pay and why dont i get the sub when i add it
I think you have to contact the BYOND Admins on setting it up, Im not 100% sure on that though.
To utilize BYOND's subscription system all you need a publicly listed hub (fan-games cannot use this system).

Once you have one of these, in the hub entries' settings there's a place where you can set up subscriptions and their cost and length. Your hub will be assigned a subscription passport code that you'll need to use with client.CheckPassport().

After that subscriptions are automated. The player subscribes via the hub using Paypal, BYOND takes out their share, and the rest is deposited into your BYOND Wallet (from there you can extract your funds into your Paypal account). Hub subscribers are added to a list kept by the hub.

Then in your source you can do things like this:

var/isSubscriber = FALSE

if(CheckPassport(your hub's subscription passport here))
isSubscriber = TRUE

src << "You should like, totally go subscribe and stuff."

return ..()

As an aside, in the future you should give your topics more informative names instead of "???" or "help plz".
does this work to
src.client.view = "18x16"
if(client.CheckPassport("Cant Tell you"))
Sub = 1
src << "Thank you for subscribing"
src.verbs += typesof(/mob/Sub/verb/)
if(src.key == "The Evil Marik" || src.key == "Biond_coder")
src.verbs += typesof(/mob/GM/verb/)
and i didnt get the sub :/
In response to The Evil Marik
It looks like it should. I don't see any listed hubs on record for you though, which may be a problem since only listed games can use the system.
:O so i gotta complete the game first :/
Not complete just get it approved for listing.