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Copied from BYOND Features forum by Airjoe

It would definitely be nifty to set the pos parameter of a control at run-time based on a percentage of the width/height of the user's resolution.( This would also be a good addition to the size parameter too )

Alternatively, you could add a way to get the height/width of a user's resolution so developers wishing to create full-screen apps can stop using hacky workarounds.

For example:
winset( src, "chat_label_window", "pos=0,100%" )
( Would place a control( in this case a completely transparent window bearing a transparent label for chat output ) at the bottom left of the screen )
I feel like we should be able to get the client's resolution in general. This can be done with javascript, but I feel like one shouldn't have to do weird work-arounds using browsers and topic()s.