Effectively solved with issue 2050
Applies to:DM Language
Status: Redundant

This feature has already been implemented, or is already achievable with existing methods.
Tom wrote:
The basic idea is to have two DM functions:

* Function #1: given a client and a seed, return a unique value. This value would basically be an internal md5() of the corresponding ckey and the seed, salted with some arbitrary values and thus obfuscated (let's call that internal_hash(ckey,seed)). It would only be useable with active clients, even though it is based of the ckey.

* Function #2: given a ckey, a seed, and a value, run internal_hash(ckey,seed) and return 0/1 if it matches/doesn't match value.

To use this, the outside server could send a (random) seed to the BYOND program, which could then perform function #1 on a live client and send the result back to the server. The server could run function #2 to see if the results match; if they do, it could send whatever data the game originally requested (in Gaku's case, a list of forum notifications for the requesting client/ckey). A malicious game could spoof this info, but only for clients currently logged in (and if the seed changes when they aren't, spoofing would fail).
This is easy to implement and we'll do it in a future release. My only hangup at the moment is coming up with a slightly better presentation than two obscure functions.