The pager has improved behavior for users launching games from the website. These new options, which can be configured in Preferences, are enabled by default:
  • BYOND alerts (like friends logging on) will not show up until you open the pager window.
  • The pager will shut down on its own when you finish playing/downloading, unless you open the pager window, or someone sends you a message.
These options affect the way the pager behaves when it's just sitting in the system tray but you haven't opened the window to interact with it. If you open up the pager to do something like send someone a message or look at live games, it will assume that you do not want it to shut down automatically and that you do want further alerts as they arrive.
Applies to:BYOND Pager
Status: Resolved (463)

This issue has been resolved.
A user who downloads or plays a game via the website does not necessarily want to use the pager. After the link logs them in (if applicable) it shouldn't show alerts or stay open after the download/game finishes unless they receive a pager message or interact with it on purpose.