The DME INTERNALS configuration section is now kept in a separate [project].int file, to avoid conflicts when collaborating on a project.
Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Resolved (465)

This issue has been resolved.
When collaborating with an SVN on a project in DM most files transfer rather well.

The internals section of the *.dme files however causes significant issues with causing conflicts. Would it be possible to have an option in the DM preferences that keeps the INTERNALS section of that file clear?
It seems as if the only feature lost would be not autoloading the last loaded file and this seems to be an acceptable alternative to not dealing with conflict resolution every commit.
Hmm, I suppose we could keep those in a separate file. It actually already does that while the project is open.
I'd just like to jump in and say I have this same issue, and it does get sortof annoying =p