Arena Fight is seeking iconer. Most people complained about the icons, and didn't want to test just because of the icons. My iconing skills are really bad, so I need to start a team.
For more details you can page or, or contact through MSN:
You can also reply to this post =)

Not much information given, but... I'm not good at writing different applications.
Is there any type of compensation other than testing?
Troy1121 wrote:
Is there any type of compensation other than testing?

Obviously you get Admin verbs (same as I have) =) However rule remains, if you abuse them, they will be removed.
I wouldn't give out any type of administrative or moderator verbs it just causes more chaos. If you feel you need any other mods other than yourself then hire someone you can trust, not anyone who applys.
Testing is free for all, iconer will get Admin verbs only after he actually does something and they will be removed without right to ever get them back if person decides to abuse them.
I have logs so it's not much of problem, I can see all changes, and it won't be difficult to track down who did this.

I can't really think of anyone who I fully trust, this is the Internet after all :)