Firstly, I had to remove your levels, stats, skills and items, but you have your exp, skill points and gold back (hopefully it's about right). Sorry about any looses if there are any.

Now once you get your class (Mage, Fighter, Rogue etc), it will level up properly, and give proper stat on level up.

New Skills:
Fighters get new Skill, basically it's just increased damage
Warrior get Provoke Skill, it provokes enemy to attack you (save Mages ass or etc)
Rogue gets Dual Wield passive, able to use two weapons at once
Mage got Arcane Bolt, just new spell with not too high damage, but does many hits
Cleric gets Heal, it.. Heals :)
Summoner has Summon Fire Elemental spell, it summons Fire Elemental (which doesn't look like one as I didn't have icon), and it automatically attacks other monsters

Made little update to Stats panel, hope you'll like it.

And I think that's all... Monsters/Summons still need some adjusting/balancing but that's later. I better start working on next update.

P.S. Still need iconer