The Last Conflict

by Darker Emerald
The Last Conflict
Guns, explosives, classes and killing zombies!
Well , for the Resident Evil Online 2 review i must say this:
Gameplay: well the game is great and others players can help themselfs so thats great! and the experience of nervous and else for the zombies is good too, well for me is an 8.
Presentation: and for this, the game got some screams that arent goods beacuse they arent so scareds and they make the game bad, and so much zombies make so loud the image, then is a 6.
Originality: while originality is good beacuse here are a lot of game but this is some of the bests and the style of game is good while those missions and to know ima doing a resident evil game too ^^ well how the game's going i give a 8 but it must hchange some bcz so much missions and not freestyle mode or other make it boored then 2 or 3 days.
Overall: THen the game is good however it got some bad things how i say well, to define lets see some screenshots of the game.

Well when u start the game this puts on while a image to wait while u can join the game but is fun beacuse one of the sombies is joking leon XD but well that makes some bored to wait.

while the base is good XD and in this i dont got any bad things , is cool and funny xD.

well when u killing zombeis is so nervous XD but its great bcz if it wasnt it wasnt funny, well is great but is hard when u dont have a good weapon XD that makes the game good too bcz if u got all good it wasnt so great to play.

and when u become zombie XD is some bored but when u angry with a friend u can kill him XD but u are very weak , i hope the game make some strong the zombie...
And well , here is teh final, is a 7
See ya all in another Zorro's review, bye all.
well there is my enw review of REO2 enjoy it and post here what u think ^^
The graphics are a bit hideous.
It's a collection of ripped RPG Maker graphics along with some shotty amateur made icons.

The map design is lacking creativity and decent layout.
I didn't feel like I was partaking in a Resident Evil game but more along the lines of the spaceship from Alien Versus Predator due to some funky weird objects hanging on the wall, randomly placed turfs and etc.

Now, both of those things can be overlooked if Gameplay sells.
But... That's the thing.
The gameplay in REO and REO2 is horrible.
You are magically placed in various zones and maps, waiting for zombies to just appear out of no where and fend them off. Then, you're magically transported just like "Beam me up, Scotty!" and boom. Start it all over again... Same exact thing. All. Over. Again.
Can't forget about "Auto Target" that completely ruins any challenge in the game.

My recommendation, is this is one of those 5 Minutes - 30 Minutes worth of exciting gameplay, then it all gets dull and boring afterward.
I want your children.
The old game play was much better, smoother and just more enjoyable. Now it's cluttered with so many things it's just lost my interest.
Magicbeast20 wrote:

why man? if u say nay just explain why
Your horrible grammar is a start.
? i cant understand u man
Decent review.
He is saying Nay, and not explaining why, obviously because he disagrees with most if not all of what you say.
I'm afraid I need to agree with him, this game is very boring, and the review isn't written very well. If you want your review to get good praise, please take two minuets to spell and grammar check it.
REO was much better than REO2 in my opinion, however I find it hard to understand why. I like REO because it's a fun, quick and ever changing experience that you can play for hours, or just for a quick jaunt.
REO2 forces you to play all the match for a start (To get money ect) and when added ontop of that all the little un-needed things, like 100 guns, of which only 6 are ever used.
REO2 is a nice game, but poorly made and brought out. Some of the recent updates have improved on the fun and random-ness of it a litte, for example, when the hunters are magically suddenly there, there isn't just one hunter, there are about five different hunters. This leads to a more varied and overall fun gameplay, unfortunatly, there isn't much of this kind of thing.