Applies to:BYOND Pager
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Given that the pager contains the updater and yet doesn't open with admin privileges, there are usually two options for users of Windows Vista and 7 when it comes to updating BYOND:

a) Use the installer
b) Open the pager as admin, requiring UAC prompt if applicable

Since the former requires users to manually download the installer .exe and therefore bypass the updater anyway and the latter requiring closing and reopening the pager if an update is available, I suggest moving the updater to an external process. This would allow users to easily update, with a UAC prompt only showing for the updater itself, should an update be available.
If BYOND runs an MSI to do the update, I think there are options available to mark the MSI as requiring UAC elevation. This should mean the pager can continue to run in standard privileges, and the update MSI (or whatever you are performing the update with) can request UAC elevation. If ... the pager does this, yeah, as OP states, you will need to factor this into a separate process of sorts.
Although I would prefer the use of a properly elevated process, an alternative would be to give the Users group write access to the BYOND directory under Program Files during installation. I've done this manually myself, and I've seen various other programs do this, including Steam. Elevation is not necessary if the user already has rights to modify the folder.