I'm currently trying to experiment with various resources at my disposal. Right now im trying to get down a proper output for certain verbs. In the interface I provided, i have two different output windows, one for OOC, the other for a couple of verbs ranging from Say, Roll Dice, Whisper etc etc.

Can somone please help me figure out what in the world I need to code in order to limit the verbs to their respective output window xD
Use the output() proc (in conjunction with the << output operator) to send certain things to specific controls.
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Would it be too much if I asked for an example :3

I've tried doing that multiple times, no success. Im just basing it off the fact im new to coding and I can't learn from the dm files and such as well as a i can with other people xD.

The code I input doesnt work and just keeps placing the messege right in the same output box regardless of what I have edited and done to it :(
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Can you show us what you've tried so we can see were the misunderstanding lies?
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Say(msg as text)
for(var/mob/M in viewers(8))
M("<font color=[usr.SayFont]>[usr] says<font color = white>: [html_encode(thetext)]"
M.ChatLog("<font color=green>*[]([src.key]) says: [msg]")
world << output("[usr]: [t]", "OOC.output")

Or read the ref in the dream maker
I'm going to show you the EASIEST way for updating outputs. So if you've made a new skin, perhaps you can just change the variable instead!

All right! First thing is first. Type in

world << output("[usr]: [t]", "[OOCoutput]")
view(8)<< output("[usr]: [t]", "[SAYoutput]")//Say

Very easily done. That is what I do when I do a little change in my skin with outputs. Let's say if you've switch the OOC output has a default output, and all say messages gets in tide-up. The handy dandy variable changes, work's just fine! Or let's say you've made a new skin completely, you can just change the path on the variables, and than, there you go! 2 seconds of updating the paths. Instead of spending at least 15 minutes updating the paths. I hope my strategy helps you!