I have to go to work in a couple of minutes, so I'll make this quick.

Silk's recent post, for some strange reason, compelled me to create a title screen for Breach (which is on-par with my plans anyways, since it's an important part of the lobby system).

Here's what I've come up with so far:

For some added flare, the red area will be replaced with a map element that will broadcast a live game (if one is running) or a game of two computer players bashing heads. I've already got most of it working, except that the button interface control doesn't scale images and that's causing me some trouble. I may just end up locking the window size and creating a menu with pre-defined resolutions, so I can manually rearrange any controls I need to.

On another note, returning to the project after not working on it for the whole quarter has shown me how cryptic the token designs can seem when there are 100+ of little buggers on screen. I've decided to redesign them once again (this will be the third design). I don't have a digital draft I can show you, but the basic idea is to use shapes and outlines to intuitively communicate how each token will interact with another (e.g. is it at a disadvantage, advantage, or equal fighting chance?)

Each token will have its basic shape determined by its weapon. As opposed to all being circles, all Point weapon users will be Triangles, all Edge weapon users will be Squares, and all Blunt weapon users will be Circles. Each token will then have a filled shape inside it, which will contain another hollowed-out shape. The shape formed by the empty space will denote the token's weakness, a literal "hole" in its armor. The solid shape the weakness is inscribed in will denote the token's resistance.

Units having multiple health will simply have an identical token stacked on top of them (such as in checkers)

Hopefully these changes will allow players to more quickly scan the field and see the holes and strengths in their defense.
That game better be under 2MB.
SuperAntx wrote:
That game better be under 2MB.

Heh, with how simple the art assets are, it just might be! I guess it depends on whether I add fancy sounds to all the different actions, and sword/shield clinks whenever tokens "fight" :P

Thinking of that makes me want to go play Battle Chess.