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Time for another awesome Steam sale. This time it's Torchlight for $5. I gave this a try a while back and it wasn't too bad. It's no Diablo by far, but it's still amused me for a while. The biggest downfall I had with it was that it's single player only. However, the steam page has the title header of "Single Player Version", which leads me to believe that there will be or is a multiplayer version out there.

If you're not sure what the game is, it's a quest-based dungeon crawler.

Anyways, here's the steam page. The sale is on until Monday(March 29th). Enjoy.

This is the spot in these posts where I usually tell you to feel free to buy me the game. While I don't own the game, I don't really have any time right now to be playing new games. Sad face.
They're developing a multiplayer version, MMO style, in addition, there are patches for multiplayer in the game, from what I hear.
"Runic plans to release an MMORPG set in the Torchlight game world 18 months to two years after the release of the single player game. Max Schaefer, Runic Games CEO and former Mythos executive producer, explained the reasoning behind releasing both a single player game and an MMO. The single player game is intended to introduce the Torchlight game world to the public ahead of the MMO. Further, it would allow the team to get a released game under their belts sooner than if they had immediately started on the MMO.[25] Also, while the Torchlight MMO will be a separate game, it will share the same action RPG gameplay and some of the art assets developed for the single player game.[16]"

I'm taking this in the sense that if they force users to buy both the single and multiplayer game, as a way for them to take money from you twice.

"The MMO will feature some different game mechanics and a wider variety of environments, including a shared "over-world."[25][28] Runic has entered into a partnership with Chinese online game developer and operator Perfect World Co., Ltd. to publish the MMO worldwide.[7]"

I'm played a lot of free MMO games, and Perfect World was nowhere near the top, quality wise.
I wasn't too aware of the quality, just that it existed.
I already have Torchlight, I've probably played it around 80 hours by now.
Torchlight is great, and that price makes it a must buy. If you have $5 and want a good game to play I doubt you will find better. I bought it at full price and it was worth it.