Shinobi Online

by Kidpaddle45
Shinobi Online
The game you've been waiting for ...
For those of you checking out the hub and asking if this is still alive, check out our forum!

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is this game still being worked on?

(Jumping on roofs cuz yknow #thuglife, also ramps sliding cuz thats how cool I am)
I've been waiting for a such long time, can't believe it's on <3
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Viniplay wrote:
I've been waiting for a such long time, can't believe it's on <3 ;)
Thank youuu
Can you estimate when you're game will be fully done and can be playable
RIP the paddle master!!
It's a shame, I hope this gets carried on in his memory.
Is the game up and running cause I can't join 😫
is this game going to come out or is it just going to sit there taunting us while it never comes out
Unfortunately kidpaddle passed away. I was pretty close to him and have known him for years. We worked together on this game on and off as well as other projects. Near the end of his time I was away and did not have any influence in his progress other then the work we had already completed. I miss the guy, and have been working on my own version of this game. I do not know if I'll ever be able to complete it on my own with the limited time that I have. But if I ever do, its in remembrance of Kidpaddle / Amir Hassan. Fortunately I have admin access to his hub. Ill be posting an update and hosting future testings if all goes well using his hub.
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idk kidpaddle but his game looks good almost as if it was ahead of the manga shame i wont get the chance to see him on byond to say hi
if you plan to take over his work i have a few good ideas for the game i have 3 juugo clan rinnegan for uchiha who get senjuu dna and gedo mazo for rinnegan users that can turn into ten tails then you can seal it and become the ten tails host even choose which form madaras or obitos i cant code but i can edit icons realy good if you want i can help with that when i get my pc back
rest in peace kidpaddle
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