Well, right now my hair is that color..And not much to say at all which all I can say is,"My hair is light blonde and light brown..."
Ugh.. x_X

Hungry a bit today but anyways,moving on...

As I was sitting in college the other day people started to become bored and plus nothing to really do at all. So I thought about a great plan to make fun of someone. How epic..

Meet mr Moldy and mr. Bartz? jk.. the one at the left is some guy named Mike Agema...Annoying yes,sounds like Napoleon Dynamite,yes indeed. No one likes him,yes...
the one at the right is what some girl made who got udderly bored..Everyone laughed at it..

Anyways,yeah that's my face r..r and yes..I got bored when I took this..
Smile more?
You need to take better pictures, if anything.

Why so sad?
Why so serious?

Edit: Nevermind, forgot that you're Asian.
^^ I know..and lol don't know why I didn't smile.. xD