Exams will hit low and hard, striking me mercilessly on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and the following Monday. It's going to be a painful experience, not to mention the English essay I have due on Wednesday.

My college (Seneca@York; I'm taking Computer Programming & Analysis) has accepted me a while ago and I went today to pay my tuition fee. It took a hefty amount out of my bank account, but hopefully I can land a good summer job these two months and replenish it. Assuming I do get a good summer job, I intend to buy the following goodies: my own server, GTA: San Andreas for PC, XBox 360, and a Nintendo DS. Wishlists always look too optimistic.

As Unowuero mentioned in his blog, our highschool Computer Science teacher died on Sunday night. This was a huge blow to me -- the first thing that came to mind was that we'd never be able to banter again over various theory on OpenGL, .NET, and other programming-related topics. Or take me aside while he's subbing another class and show me some of the new software he got on his laptop. I'm really going to miss him.

Thanks for enduring this blissfully boring blog entry. No game news on anything, sorry. When real-life clutter starts to clear away, expect progress from me. :)
Good old guy. I bet he's hanging with Pascal himself.