Looks awesome
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Atriosv3 wrote:
Looks awesome

I like how you used the diagonal lines and contrasting colors to bring out the conflict between the two characters going against each other
Very nice work. :) -- I'm jealous.
The fingers don't look right. But overall, I like it.
P.S. It's much better on paper, the scanner messed it up big time (that's why I had to retouch it on PS, and the fingers disappeared LOL)
Arjen Robben! goed gemaakt man! knap.

Very well made.
Thanks, glad someone recognized him! Keep an eye out for my byond football game, in the making
whoa nice drawing, looks real especially the marker, is that a uruguayan marker?
Damn, that is some real good art. you have some serious artistic abilities.
It's nothing, thanks though.

@Karffebon yes it's Martin Caceres
... wait this isn't football that's soccer JAJA typo ?
It is football. Americans just don't understand that yet. There's a reason we all call that silly games them americans play, American Football...
I wonder what compells a person to call a sport he created with a name of an already existing sport... lol. Maybe back then human communication with the rest of the world was scarse?

Also, why would you call running with a ball in your hand FOOTBALL o.O
It's more like, American Handegg.