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Every once in a while I order something online, and the way my credit card works, is similar to a debit card. I put money on it, and spend the money on it. However, if I leave money on it, after a while the credit card company takes it away slowly in fees, hefty $7 fees. So usually what happens is I end up with $5-10 extra on my credit card, and I either try to get as much of it to my paypal as I can(to donate), or I start browsing the cheap steam games.

I decided this time to start browsing the team games and came across this game Overlord. I never actually played it when I bought it, but I installed it anyways. However, the other day I noticed it and decided to give it a try and it was actually very amusing. You're basically a guy(I think) in a suit of armor, with a big axe, summoning minions that look like little imps out of holes in the ground, and you make them attack things, like sheep, or hobbits. The game handles you sending things to attack very well, left click to send 1 minion, right click to call 1 back. I currently have enough power to control 15 minions, so I just rapidly click while looking at a hobbit and watch all of them swarm towards it and beat the crap out of it.

If you're looking for a game to play, I really suggest giving this a try, I don't know exactly how good it is later on, or how long it is, but it's very amusing to say the least. Also, the game is only $5, so it's not like you're breaking the bank.
Yeah, Overlord is great, and the sequel Overlord II is equally as great =)