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I had some time this morning to fix the long-standing delete bug, I think! No one should have any trouble deleting from the panel any more, unless they used WinSCP and forgot to set the permissions. Also, the panel now sets permissions where it can, so deleting from WinSCP also should not be a problem. If anyone has any trouble deleting from either WinSCP or the panel, please let me know.

I've also added the Net Traffic tab into all panels. This was a feature we had been testing out with some users, and now I've gotten around to the implementation in the panel. Check it out, it's interesting to see how much overall throughput your games are using!

Also coming up soon is the exclusive ATP Host Player Tracker. Ever wanted to get an idea of how many players your game gets over a period of time? The ATP Host Player Tracker will provide this information in a CSV file so you can load it up into your favorite data manipulation program (Excel, a SQL database, etc) as well as some pretty graphs! We did a test run with Silk Games's NEStalgia, and the results were pretty cool. Here's data from a 24 hour period, April 2nd to April 3rd (click to enlarge, but warning, it's big!):

You can see the low spike at the end where a bunch of players dropped is actually where a reboot occurred!

You'll be able to say data by day, week, and month, and learn about player trends in your games.

If you have any feature requests, please let us know. If you're having trouble or need support, post in the forums or shoot an e-mail to

All the best,
This will be an awesome addition to the panel.
Tetsuya wrote:
This will be an awesome addition to the panel.

Guessing your player charts will be hitting high. :)
You know it. Server 3 now host Final Fantasy Legacy.
Lol, I am looking for one decent game to host with mine, totally empty. :( Don't want to waste my server, but I need to keep it so that whenever I update the panel, I can test it on my server before anyone else's. :)
Kinda in the same boat Qubic, while Server 1 and Server 3 have games hosted REO2/FFL server 2 stands empty until I find something for it or I may use it to host updates to those games until a public release who knows.
This added yet or?.. :]