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And so, Jp didst defeat the twin dragons of Indolence and Stress, and did acquire the Magic Scroll, which contained all that was, all that is, and all that will be, and which would also significantly increase his expected salary.

Some jerk in a fancy hat

So yeah, I graduated. I am now offically James Picone, B. Eng (hons).

I'm honestly not sure how well I'll deal with life post-uni. I've already got a full-time job doing software engineering (And it's pretty good), but I am definitely feeling the lack of free time (...And the 9 AM starts...).

And yes, that is a pretty terrible photo, and I have an odd expression on my face. We've got some better photos in a camera that is currently interstate - they will be extracted when Dad gets back from his business trip. For now, you're stuck with shots taken by Mum's cameraphone. I'm pretty sure I was staring into the sun in this one.

That is all. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.
Congratulations from me as well. I am currently studying Bachelor of Information Communication and Techology but i am very worried about failing. But i should be able to get everything done soon. Again Congratulations.