BYOND's most prestigious honor has been bestowed upon me yet again... So I've decided to change up the CSS. I think it looks shnazzy, but maybe not. I did need a little help from GuildCSS, so there's a shout out...

Moving on to other news. I've decided to enter IainPeregrine's 2010 Get Something Done Competition. I don't know what the competition is, but that kind of makes it exciting I guess; Makes the little nerd in me giggle. My entry will be started soon, and maybe a week or 2 into May I should have a hostable version for testing and all that jazz, since that's almost a requirement for the competition.

May will be a glorious month if everything goes well. The game I'm making for the competition should be lovely, there is a lack of good games in it's category on BYOND. Or at least I think so, others will probably disagree. Bleach v3 will be coming out if all goes well. While I'm busy with a lot of things so the quests will be unimplemented, the upgraded battle system and graphics should hold you hounds off for a while. Also there's the new game I made with Branks known as Wyllshire Road which is a completely original zombie/creature action/strategy game. The game is out, but updates will come once these other projects are knocked down to size, which should be around mid-may. So look out for that.

Lastly for today, I've decided that I will work for hire. Coding, Pixel Art, Mapping, Interface Work (Skins), all that jazz, if you need someone and are willing to pay I'm your guy. I don't have any set prices yet or anything, but I'll be reasonable. It just depends on what the job is. This year I plan to release multiple high end games that would love to have shell servers to host them lag free on. And I just don't have the extra money for that at the moment. So, I figure I can do what I know how to do and that's make games. So if you want to Build Your Own Net Dream, let me help you. For contact info email or add to MSN (Windows Live Messenger) or just post here. I'll get it either way. I don't have many examples of my work, so don't just take a look around and think I can't do what you want. You'd be surprised. The only thing I will NOT work on is if you have some rip and just want to edit it into "Your Own" game.
This guy really is a fast, efficient programmer. If you need work... get at him!
Hey VcentG, if you need a good host for Bleach, I have a hell of a fast internet connection, and every game I've hosted so far has been lag free. If you need a host, let me know and I'll host it for ya :)
hey vcentg can you please unban me from "BLEACH"
You know what I love about this new forum stuff over blogs? Necromancy!