I've only released a few games on BYOND. But I have honed my skills in different categories of BYOND Game Design and Development.

Programming (Coding):
-If you need a coder and are willing to pay I can do whatever you need for cheap.
-It's preferred that I get paid per job, since some jobs may be harder requiring more pay, others easier requiring less.
-Examples Price: 2$ Per technique, 5$ For Battle System

-No Examples. I can do what you need.

Pixel Art (Iconner):
-1$ Per Frame (32x32) aka 1 frame 4 directions = 4$
-Big icons are available to, prices change depending on what it may be.

Quick Examples:

-Differs depending on how much detailed different turfs there are to add but something like 10$ per 100x100.

Game Example:

Interface Design:
-Depends on complexity

Basic Example:

*Note: I will not help you change a rip to "Your Own" game. It's not yours.

Page: VcentG
Could you make Naruto: Power of the Ninja download able? I know that It didn't have much content but people liked it anyway.
Ew, the old version was too buggy. And the new one doesn't have enough completed. So it's just gonna have to stay down until that changes lol.
Can you make me a 3d rendering engine?
are you still going to charge these prices if you were made a owner on the game?
Equinox007 wrote:
are you still going to charge these prices if you were made a owner on the game?

"An Owner"? You either own it or you don't. It only goes under 1 key. That's how I see it, there are no stocks for our games.

If you're suggesting you just want a game made and don't care about being the owner, then it depends. Seeing as any game I WANT to make I will make, then that means if you're trying to get me to make a game I must not want it or haven't thought of it, meaning its just work. So yes there would be charges.

But if there's an entire game's worth of things to make then a mass price can be made for all for a discount.

Basically, it's conditional.
I will pay.
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