So I was hanging out at the local cigar shop tonight(the usually place to find me on Friday evenings), it was a relaxing evening, complete with my Pens decimating the Habs in the playoffs.

It gets to be about 11:30, and an acquaintance of mine, Todd Paris, stops by. Todd is an attorney that's currently running for district court judge. He's a nice guy, and is always good for a story and a smoke.
if you scroll down towards the very bottom, the candidates running are listed.

Now, we were talking the bit, and Mr. Paris got around to telling us about how he got himself into some heat with the current DCJ last year over a magazine. heidi-gets-judge-all-hot-and-really-bothered/

Now, I had heard about this event happening, but didn't know much about it other than some attorney peeved the judge looking at Maxim. Apparently it was big news forever and a half ago. So the story goes like this:

The attorneys have to sit through their clients pleading guild or non guilt. Most of the attorneys just read a magazine and relax until their time comes up. On this day, Todd had taken his fiancÚ's copy of Maxim in with him. She's some type of actress, so this isn't really unusual. The judge spots the magazine in question, and flips completely out, holding him in criminal contempt of court(what you get for doing something like flipping the judge off and saying things about his mother).

This isn't really a huge deal aside from the facts that the two are running against each other, and also this: 021710-eddinger-courthouse-affair

So the story behind this one is that, at the very least before he freaks out in the court regarding a magazine(it's not a porno mind you), saying it was distasteful and warranting criminal charges, he(a married man) was fooling around with a clerk(also married). Now, that seems distasteful, and he should probably resign due to infidelity, but thought clever word play and manipulation of the press, he managed to hush it all in the local news, and then head for a re-election.